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Now you’ll have the comfort in knowing that each new customer, patient or visitor will breathe in clean, safe air and that any impurities the previous person may have left behind have been eliminated.

Normal cleaning and disinfection can do a good job of reducing the risks, but can still leave behind some residual contamination. Our medical-grade UV-C blue lamps further disinfect the air before it enters our 12” Super HEPA filters.

These compact systems are designed for high volume flow rate while still operating in a whisper-quiet fashion. Mount on the ceiling, wall, or place anywhere floor space allows.

RenO2BlüTM units operate on regular 120V outlets and provide easy to operate remote controls or connect via Bluetooth to your smart office set up.


Air Flow:

221 LPS, 470 CFM


120V (2A)


22 1/2” x 14 5/8” x 46 3/4”


2” MERV8 Pre-Filter
LEDs, UV-C Light
12” Medical-Grade HEPA (99.97%)
2” Activated Carbon Filter


Local, Remote & Smart

Sound Level:

Whisper quiet, 55 dBA

1 Year Manufacturing Defect Warranty

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