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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the size of a unit?

22 1/2 x 14 5/8 x 46 3/4

Is the Reno2Blu unit loud?

No, the Reno2Blu units are very quiet (55 dBA – same as a dishwasher)

Does the Reno2Blu use a lot of Electricity?

No, the system runs on standard 120V(2A) outlets.

What is the warranty on a Reno2Blu Unit?

1 year manufacturing warranty (we recommend servicing 4 times a year)

Will the Reno2Blu change the temperature in the room?

No, the Reno2Blu system doesn’t have a heating or cooling component.

Once order is placed, how quickly can I expect our order?

Typically, orders are shipped out within a few days (*If inventory is available).
Shipping can take between 3-5 business days.

What does the Reno2Blu do?

Our medical grade air purifier helps clean the air quickly of viruses, bacteria, fungal spores, chemicals and odours. This system is suitable for Hospitals, Dental Offices, Medical labs, Gyms, Nursing Homes, Commercial Offices, Daycares, etc.

Do you offer servicing of the Reno2Blu Units?

The Reno2Blu units are user friendly, built for longevity and require relatively low maintenance. We recommend changing the filters every 3 months. Instructions are provided in the user manual.

Has the Reno2Blu been independently tested?

Yes, our system was independently tested in compliance of FDA Good Laboratory
Practices (GLP). Independent test was conducted by Aerosol Research and
Engineering Laboratories, an FDA Certified testing facility.

Should I leave the Reno2Blu on at all times?

Yes, our units are designed for continuous use. These units are reliable, and we recommend keeping them on at all times to make sure there is constant circulation of clean air in your space. Many of our clients have noticed an improvement in air quality.

What is the difference between air purifiers I can get purchase at the
hardware store or department store and the Reno2blu?

The Reno2Blu has a medical grade and is independently certified in providing the highest air cleaning efficiency. Our machines are held at the highest standard and are built to withstand heavy usage (Higher air quality and longevity). These are some of the core differences between the Reno2Blu units and other brands.

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