What makes RENO2BLUTM a powerhouse?

Hover below to see how RENO2BLUTM creates 99.99% clean air in as little as 20 minutes.

Simple Controls

Simple switch operation makes the RENO2BLUTM easy to use. Under the hood lies a smart switch setup that allows control through various smart home technologies.

Customizable Top Intake & Mounting options

RENO2BLUTM Air intake is specifically designed to accommodate accessory products along with Removable castor wheels and mounting options for in-ceiling operation

Medical Grade Cabinet & Finishes

RENO2BLUTM full metal Construction & High gloss, brilliant white finish is easy to wipe down and disinfect making the unit durable and extremely suitable for any medical environment.

2″ MERV8 Filter

Inexpensive and easy to replace this 2” Pre-stage Initial filter removes 90% of larger particles prolonging the lifespan of the entire unit and its internals


Long life high quality optimized LED lamps work at a germicidal wave length of 275 nm light to kill pathogens making it easy for the filters to remove larger particles without needing to worry about viral pathogens surviving the process

12″ HEPA Filtration

Designed for a full year of maximum performance in professional environments, at over 2X the size of the nearest competitor, the deep pleats in our 12” HEPA filter provide maximum airflow while still scrubbing any particles efficiently and effectively.

High Efficiency Motor

This electronically commutated motor (ECM) only draws the power it needs to keep airflow at peak efficiency but has the high power capacity and high-quality construction to keep it running for years of quiet operation

2” Activated Carbon Filter

The long-lasting Merv8 designated carbon filter removes any chemicals or odours that may be in the space keeping your rooms fresh smelling

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